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In the current business environment, following the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to lockdown situations around the world, many companies have suffered massive losses. As a result, a lot of employees have been laid off. And the job scenario is “not quite up to the mark” if we may say so. Just like what happened during the last recession period (2008-2010), the companies will find ways to get back on their feet. And then the hiring process will begin again. But by that time, you might want to be ready to go for it. An online MBA from GLA University will help you differentiate yourself from the rest of the applicants because of the specialization you would choose, and the skill sets you would have developed. And you will have proof of world class learning experience to showcase to the interviewer, which a lot of applicants might not have. And that is why doing an MBA from GLA University now is important.
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  • Industry Ready Curriculum.