About Us | Edubuild Learning

Edubuild is online education platform. We provide new skills to the individuals to gain Knowledge and transfer their life in this high-tech world.


“For Learning Sky is a Limit”


We strongly believe in this quote, as EDUBUILD our online video course platform has no limit for learning any new skills. Our courses are designed in way it will help the students to headway in their career.

You see in this fastest growing world, it is mandatory to keep ourselves updated, so for that you need a broader category of the courses, and that you will find in our EDUBUILD platform, likewise our courses bucket is as wide as an ocean. And we aim to be like that.


Our Mission:

We're on a mission to unlock opportunity for India's workforce through education and upskilling.


Our Vison:

To build 1M Edubuild skilled learning community across the Globe.


Why you should Choose Edubuild Courses:


·       The courses are focused in 8 Regional languages [ Hindi, English, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam].

·       Course fees are very affordable.

·       Life-time access to all the courses.

·       Courses may help employment opportunities for the students.

·       All the instructors are highly educated and experienced in their domain industries.

·       24*7 separate Student support is available.

·       Student can also earn by referring the course.

·       Courses would be in updating forms as per the updation by the industry.


Our Technology


How did we achieve this?

Via the usage of Deep Technology, 100% Automation,

Geo Tagging & Dynamic algorithms




Edubuild uses complex Socio-economic behavioral concepts of

Availability heuristics.

Prospects Theory






We are a Core Technology company, not tech-enabled like E-Commerce, Food delivery etc.


Django               Elasticsearch                   Neo4j                      PostgreSQL               Docker               ReactJS